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Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Straight Rocky Mountain Whiskey

  • Mashed from locally-sourced 100% malt barley
  • Twice-distilled in copper pot-columns from Vendome
  • New American white oak casks from World Cooperage
  • Aged in charred oak for at least 2 years

Stranahan’s by the Dram
Wee Pour
Proper Pour
Snowflake – when available

Whiskey Flights

Colorado Custom
303 Potato Whiskey
Leopold Brothers Small Batch
Peach Street Straight Bourbon
Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Classic Malts of Scotland
Cragganmore 12 year
Lagavulin 16 year
Oban 14 year
Talisker 10 year

Planet Earth
Bushmills 10 year
Cardhu 12 year
Eagle Rare 10 year
Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Here’s Johnnie
Johnnie Walker Black
Johnnie Walker Blue
Johnnie Walker Gold
Johnnie Walker Platinum

Colorado Craft Distilled Spirits

The Rackhouse Pub prides itself on offering as many Colorado-made products as is humanly possible. As such, we’re happy to feature these locally-made distilled spirits for your enjoyment. Please help us support local businesses!

Colorado Whiskey

291 Aspen Stave Rye
291 White Dog Rye
303 Potato Whiskey
Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey
Dancing Pine Bourbon
Downslope Double Diamond Whiskey
Leopold Brothers Rocky Mtn. Apple
Leopold Brothers Rocky Mtn. Blackberry
Leopold Brothers Rocky Mtn. Peach
Leopold Brothers Small Batch
Peach Street Colorado Straight Bourbon
Spring 44 Single Barrel Bourbon
Spring 44 Straight Bourbon
Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Colorado Vodka

Downslope Pepper
J&L Distilling
Leopold Brothers Silver Tree

Colorado Rum

Downslope Silver, Gold or Vanilla
Montanya Oro
Montanya Platino

Colorado Gin

Downslope Ould Tom
Golden Moon
J&L Distilling
Leopold Brothers Small Batch
Rob’s Mountain
Roundhouse Imperial Barrel Aged

Colorado Absinthe

Leopold Brothers

Not-So-Locally Distilled Spirits

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey


Glenkinchie 12 year


Balvenie 12 year Doublewood
Cardhu 12 year
Cragganmore 12 year
Glenlivet 12 year
Macallan 12 year


Clynelish 14 year
Dalwhinnie 15 year
Glenfarclas 12 year
Glenmorangie 10 year
Oban 14 year

Isle of Islay

Bruichladdich The Laddie 10
Caol Ila 12 year
Lagavulin 16 year
Laphroaig 10 year

Orkney Iisles

Highland Park 12 year

Isle of Skye

Talisker 10 year

Blended / Vatted Scotch Whiskey

Famous Grouse
Johnnie Walker Black
Johnnie Walker Blue
Johnnie Walker Gold
Johnnie Walker Platinum
Johnnie Walker Red

Irish Whiskey

Black Bush
Bushmills 10 year
Bushmills 16 year
Tullamore Dew

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

1792 Ridgemont Reserve
Angel’s Envy
Buffalo Trace
Eagle Rare 10 year
Elijah Craig 12 year
Four Roses Yellow Label
Jim Beam White Label
Knob Creek
Maker’s Mark
St. George Breaking & Entering Bourbon
St. George Single Malt Whiskey
Woodford Reserve

Tennessee Whiskey

George Dickel Barrel Select
George Dickel No. 12
Jack Daniels

Straight Rye Whiskey

Bulleit Rye
Old Overholt Rye
Pendleton 1910
Sazerac Rye
Whistle Pig


Three Olives (various flavors • ask your server for details)

Rum, etc.

Captain Morgan Black
Kraken Black Spiced Rum
Ron Matusalem
Sailor Jerry

Tequila, etc.

1800 Anejo
1800 Reposado
1800 Silver
Jose Cuervo Gold
Mezcal Vago

Extensive Wine List

House Red or House White

Whiskey Glossary

Whiskey – Alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented grain mash, most are aged in wood. Many strictly regulated types made globally.

Pot Still – Traditional lower temperature copper still. Shaped like an onion with neck leading to condenser. Shape determines flavor.

Column Still – Mass production high temperature still. Works continuously, used for bourbon and blended whiskeys.

Straight Whiskey – American term. Made from a minimum 51% of one grain, normally corn. Aged at least two years in new American oak barrels. Usually aged over four years. Not bottled below 80 proof.

Bourbon Whiskey – Can be made anywhere in the U.S. from at least 51% corn. Other grains are malted barley and wheat or rye. No artificial coloring or flavoring. Straight bourbon is aged for at least two years. Not bottled below 80 proof.

Rye Whiskey – Traditional to North America. Made from at least 51% rye. Straight if aged at least two years. Not bottled below 80 proof.

Irish Whiskey – Made in Ireland and triple distilled. Types include single grain, pure pot still, blended, and a few peated.

Scotch Whiskey – Made in Scotland. Single malt is made at one distillery using only malted barley, aged minimum 3 years, distilled in pot stills. Vatted malt is a mixture of single malts. Blends are vatted malts with grain and alcohol added. Aging is mainly used in casks including bourbon and wine.

Canadian Whiskey – Made in Canada. Aged for at least three years in wood. These light whiskies became popular in U.S. during Prohibition.